PPS Manufacturing

The Executive Director of PPS Manufacturing, Anton Petrov, was special guest at the event “Meeting of the business in Plovdiv and the region”

On November 25 was held one of the most important events for Plovdiv – “Meeting of the business in Plovdiv and the region” and special guest was the Executive Director of PPS Manufacturing, Anton Petrov. The event, initialized by “Capital” newsletter, is organized regularly in different parts of the country, and aims to bring together local businesses, partners, and representatives of the administration, who comment opportunities for development and discuss the economy, the business, and the society in the region.

Anton Petrov was invited to the event in Plovdiv because the business that he represents will be of extremely great strategic and economic importance for the country and will contribute to the prosperity and image of the whole region. The nitrile gloves factory of PPS Manufacturing, which is about to start operating at full speed at the beginning of the next year, will be based in Plovdiv and this is not a coincidence. The advantages, which the managers capture in the constantly evolving city, have been focused on the perspective urban environment and infrastructure, attraction for foreign and local investments and welcoming industrial area. Plovdiv is the second most profitable region in Bulgaria and is an attractive center for many young ambitious people, in which the modern company, producing personal protective equipment, wants to invest.

The Executive Director of PPS Manufacturing see the potential for development of a business in Plovdiv and believes that companies should be proactive in their actions and modern in their decisions. Therefore, the company will develop products, which will improve people’s life and safety by protecting the environment and applying green business practices.

Full recording of the event can be found here, as well as in the Facebook profile of Capital.