PPS Manufacturing

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Georgi Petkov, joins the Annual Business Meeting with the Government

One of the most important business events in our country “The annual meeting of business with the government” was honored this year by PPS Manufacturing and more specifically by Georgi Petkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company, which will be the first to produce nitrile gloves in Europe, once again showed interest in current public issues by attending the conference. The organizer of the event is the leading media group Economedia, guided by the principle of informing and generating useful discussions. The main topic was the crisis in Ukraine and the consequences for Europe and Bulgaria.

The government’s plans and strategies for navigating the risks and projected impacts on the Bulgarian economy and business are of key importance for the Bulgarian start-up. This is the reason why the company closely monitors the topic and actively participated in such public events.

PPS Manufacturing is a company that starts its activities in a changed political and economic environment, which brings with it a variety of opportunities and challenges. One of the main challenges for the company is the price crisis with energy sources, as this is a major item in the costs of the manufacturing plant. At the meeting, Alexander Nikolov, Minister of Energy and Stanislav Todorov, Chairman of the EWRC, outlined the Bulgarian strategy for ensuring energy independence.

The event also discussed the development and priorities of key sectors such as Innovation, Infrastructure and Transport. Local production of nitrile gloves is based on innovative approaches and ideas, as this will be the first safety glove factory in Europe. Opportunities for PPS Manufacturing are to become a market leader that meets the needs of various industries locally and abroad. Introduction of new technologies and know-how by foreign specialists will contribute to a great strategic and economic advantage of our country. The General Director of PPS Manufacturing, Georgi Petkov, listened to the views and strategies of leading figures in the government, including: Kiril Petkov, Prime Minister, Asen Vassilev, Deputy Prime Minister for EU Funds and Minister of Finance, Daniel Lorer, Minister of Innovation and growth, Cornelia Ninova, Deputy Prime Minister for Economy and Industry and Minister of Economy and Industry, Borislav Sandov, Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policy and Minister of Environment and Water and others.