PPS Manufacturing

PPS Manufacturing was part of the business meeting for the perspectives of Plovdiv

A significant meeting for the future development and financing opportunities of Bulgarian companies was held on February 22 in Plovdiv. Honorary guests were the two ministers Borislav Sandov – Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policy and Minister of Environment and Water, and Daniel Lorer – Minister of Innovation and Growth. On behalf of PPS Manufacturing, the Executive Director Anton Petrov and the General Director Georgi Petkov actively participated.

The General Director spoke about the upcoming launch of the Bulgarian production of nitrile gloves in Plovdiv. The unique project will contribute to the prosperity and image of the region while making PPS Manufacturing an example of a company that combines economic growth with green policies. The creation of the local enterprise is a typical example of nearshoring, a trend to return key Asian productions to Europe to ensure a reliable and secure supply of important products. Georgi Petkov also shared about an international project for the development of biodegradable gloves, the implementation of which will be a big step towards a greener future. PPS Manufacturing is a responsible business, striving to offer high-quality environmentally friendly products developed by local and foreign scientists using innovative technologies.

The meeting focused on the development plan of the Carbon Neutral Industrial Parks consortium, developed from the Thrace Economic Zone team. It aims to create an attractive investment and innovation environment in areas of the participating municipalities, including Plovdiv, to reduce carbon emissions, improve working conditions and living standards.