PPS Manufacturing

PPS Manufacturing is the only start-up finalist in the competition “Investor of the Year”

PPS Manufacturing  become one of the fifteen investment projects in Bulgaria, reaching the finals in the respected in business circles competition “Investor of the Year”, organized for sixteen consecutive years. On March 31, the Bulgarian Investment Agency (BIA) organized a solemn award ceremony in 5 main categories. The event aims to highlight the most significant investment projects implemented in the past year. PPS Manufacturing was the only startup among the finalists in the category Green Investment, which received recognition for significant contribution to the Bulgarian economy. The Minister of Innovation and Growth, Daniel Lorer, was invited to express gratitude to the investors and encourage them that the environment in Bulgaria will become more favorable for starting and developing a business.

With its project for being the first and so far the only nitrile glove factory in Bulgaria and Europe, PPS Manufacturing has distinguished itself as a business with sustainable and efficient investments, creating new jobs and relied on the introduction of high technology. In the significant competition, the company strengthen the image of an innovative green company, striving to achieve smart and stable economic growth.

The unique Bulgarian start-up is funded entirely by the Bulgarian and European instrument, also known as the Fund for Sustainable Cities. The investments in the project exceed BGN 10,000,000 and envisage the opening of over 100 new jobs. The large-scale investments in starting this business are due to the numerous advantages it is expected to bring, including the reduction of the EU’s dependence on Asian manufacturers and the distinction of our country as a preferred manufacturer of personal protective equipment.