About PPS Innovation GmbH

PPS Innovation GmbH, based in the hearth of Bavaria – Germany, is the pioneer in the en-tire EU in research & development, as well as the production of sustainable disposable nitrile gloves. The first production of nitrile gloves in Europe was started by PPS in the summer of 2022 in Bulgaria.


PPS Innovation GmbH, part of the PPS family, is focused on achieving sustainable production of bio-based and 100% biodegradable nitrile gloves based solely in Europe. Focal points are the shorter delivery processes, utilization of local raw materials, and eco-friendly product life-cycle.

Technology and innovation

Nitrile gloves are currently the world market leader in the disposable glove segment as personal protective equipment in the medical, laboratory, cosmetic, food processing and other sectors, and the trend is still rising. Especially in developing regions, the issue of biodegradability is highly relevant due to poor waste management.


Our response to our own quality requirements, as well as the increasing demands and societal expectations in the context of sustainability for such products, is targeted systematic innovation work to achieve a 0-carbon footprint for our product. We do this in the context of our competence network and highly competent teams, as well as partners from Germany and Europe.

Goals towards achieving sustainability in the
nitrile gloves’ product life-cycle

Short delivery processes


It embraces the whole product cycle – from obtaining the raw materials through their transportation, and the actual glove production to an intelligent logistic system for after-use collection. It respectively includes recycling, degradation or, if inevitable, burning.

Gloves recyclability


Using the raw material from the used gloves in the production of other useful products with high added value. In case it’s needed, disinfection and decontamination will be done accordingly based on the industry they have been used in.



Achieving full biodegradability of the used gloves in natural climate conditions and environment. The goal is to minimize the usage of extra resources such as energy, raw materials, chemical and organic substances.

Petrol-product independence


Development, testing, and application of unique biobased elastomer so we can achieve full independence from petrol-based products and run a decentralized concept for the whole product life-cycle. This includes local refining and utilization of the raw materials needed for the production and packaging of the gloves; their respective application and returning of the product in the cycle.