PPS Manufacturing

Georgi Petkov was at an important meeting with potential partners in Bavaria

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Georgi Petkov, participated in an official meeting with potential partners in Bavaria, Germany. It was attended by Stefan Yonkov, Commercial Attaché of the Republic of Bulgaria in Munich, and Dr. Georgi Georgiev – Project Manager for the development of biodegradable gloves.

A key moment of the Bavarian meeting was the formation of an experienced international scientific team that will be responsible for the development of biodegradable gloves. This is a step towards a greener future that PPS Manufacturing is taking on, led by its mission to ensure human health and safety in a sustainable way. Georgi Petkov and Dr. Georgiev discussed the introduction of innovative technologies for efficient production of biodegradable gloves, which will promote the degradation in nature of over 30 billion gloves a year.

They discussed in detail the already launched unique production of nitrile gloves in Plovdiv. Georgi Petkov met with representatives of various businesses and told them about the main characteristics and advantages of the gloves. The interest from the business is wide and very diverse, as nitrile gloves are used in sectors such as medicine, dentistry, food industry and others.

PPS Manufacturing is an example of a responsible business committed to its mission to offer to the market high quality environmentally friendly products developed by local and foreign scientists.