PPS Manufacturing

Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPS Manufacturing, Georgi Petkov, in business talk in the show “The week” at Darik radio

One of the associates in the first company for nitrile gloves in Europe – PPS Manufacturing, Georgi Petkov, was guest in the show “The week” at Darik radio on October 13, Saturday. The host of the politically – oriented show was Konstantin Vulkov, and the main topic on the day before the elections – the specifics of the nitrile gloves business.

Many important topics were discussed at the show like the development of the Bulgarian business and what should be the attitude of the state towards companies that approach their production responsibly. Georgi Petkov expressed his views about the changes that would have a positive impact on starting a business in our country, namely a good environment for actions, government funding, simplified administrative norms. The company PPS Manufacturing, awarded with the prize “Special award for development” in the competition “The best Bulgarian firm of the year” is managed entirely by Bulgarian managers, who as Petkov said, have great potential but also need a lot of learning. This is because there is no quality practice – oriented training on business topics in the country.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company shared his advanced ideas on how businesses should respond to the needs and requirements of the society. From his position as a successful Bulgarian entrepreneur, he drew attention to the importance of local production and the benefits that the economy will derive from the start of more local startup companies.

Full recording of the show can be found here as well as in the Facebook profile of Darik radio.