PPS Manufacturing

Our Mission

To protect people’s health and wellbeing by providing access to reliable personal protective equipment.

Our Vision

Founded amid a worldwide pandemic, our company was born by a call to action. A call to protect people’s health and the wellbeing of our planet by providing independent access to reliable personal protective equipment, while constantly searching for greener solutions.

PPS Manufacturing
PPS Manufacturing

Our Values

1. We are focused on growth
We embrace every opportunity to learn, improve and do more.
2. We enjoy our work
Our work is fulfilling and exciting! We revel in our vocation and the environment we are building.
3. We help and support each other
We are always available and ready to assist our colleagues, partners and clients.
4. We are efficient
We don’t extinguish fire with champagne.
5. We are responsible
We build trust through accountability and respect towards our partners, team and clients.


Our factory

Located in the heart of the Balkans, our factory, based in Plovdiv, includes over 6000 sq. m. of workspace, with our own production line, designed by experienced engineers, with capacity of 800 000 gloves per day.
We have our own R&D department, where new products and innovations are developed and tested, keeping in mind our goal to improve people’s lives, while protecting the environment. We are ready to meet the demand and offer wholesale and retail solutions.
Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.
PPS Manufacturing