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5 reasons to choose nitrile gloves from PPS Manufacturing

5 reasons to choose nitrile gloves from PPS Manufacturing

Made with care, our products are crafted to guarantee your safety in industries, such as healthcare and manufacturing, and in your everyday life. Disposable nitrile gloves are most commonly used in production, the medical sector, laboratories, food and beverage industries, restaurant and service industries, and many others.

As one of the first producers of nitrile gloves in Europe, our mission is to make not only durable and comfortable personal hygiene products, but also ergonomic, eco-friendly, breathable, and suitable for very sensitive skin.

In this article, you will find out the 5 reasons for nitrile gloves being the most preferred choice in numerous industries – what sets them apart from the other types of disposable gloves, and what the main grounds for producing gloves, namely, from nitrile are.



1. No allergic reactions

It’s an interesting fact, that approximately 10% of healthcare specialists say they experience skin irritation after using disposable latex gloves. This, respectively, causes discomfort and interferes with their daily work.

Exactly these numerous allergic reactions, caused by latex and particularly, latex gloves, have called for finding an alternative – nitrile, an innovative material that has quickly become preferred in the production of disposable gloves. It has the same properties but outnumbers latex in terms of advantages, making nitrile gloves the best personal hygiene equipment during work.

Why do people with sensitive skin prefer nitrile?

  • Nitrile is hypoallergic and does not cause rashes, itching, or any other symptom typical for a latex allergy.
  • It is a breathable material, which makes it extremely gentle to the skin and suitable even for people with high sensitivity and intolerance.
  • Does not require the use of talc, which is normally used to absorb moisture and is the reason behind plenty of respiratory irritations and allergic reactions.

2. Reliable protection

Wearing suitable gloves is essential for your safety at the workplace. People involved in healthcare and manufacturing, or even at home, need a product that protects them from infections, burns, cuts, etc. Also, it is vital for many industries, that the end product reaching the customers is sterile and free from any pollution. Nitrile gloves do cover all these criteria and provide reliable protection at (almost) any workplace.

What do nitrile gloves protect you from?

  • Chemical substances and acids – they keep your hands safe from plenty of chemical solutions and acids including sulphuric and nitric acids, acetone, ethanol, isopropyl etc.
  • Hazardous microorganisms – protecting your skin from bacteria, fingi, and a number of viruses. Nitrile gloves are personal protective equipment from a surgical-safety class.
  • Oils and petrol-based products – nitrile gloves are oil- and petrol-product resistant which makes them applicable in the automotive industry as well. They serve as a barrier for potentially harmful petrol products during the work processes.

3. Extremely durable

Nitrile gloves are a combination of durability and ergonomic comfort. They are extremely resistant to tears and simultaneously, do not interfere with the tactile sensitivity of the hands in any way because they are thin and comfortable.

They are ergonomic and suitable even for long-time-period use. Nitrile gloves are resistant to numerous chemical solutions, sharp objects, and extreme temperatures, which ranks them as the preferred safety choice for many industries.

Our products at PPS Manufacturing, cover all quality standards and are an intrinsic part of the work process in many spheres. See which are the 5 key industries that must use disposable gloves.



4. Resistant to extreme temperatures

Nitrile is a material that can resist any temperature in the range between -40 °C to +108 °C. This makes nitrile gloves the perfect safety choice for work associated with the handling of hot and cold products or surfaces. And here is yet another reason for them to be the most preferred PPE, since they do not melt or harden when exposed to temperature extremities.

5. Comfortable and fitting for any hand

Apart from being super durable, hypoallergic and reliable, the PPS Manufacturing gloves are ergonomic and a perfect fit for any hand.
One of the key factors that determine if a glove is comfortable and fits the hand, is the sizing. That is why we have developed 5 different sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL, so that you can find the best fit for your hand. We have created a special graphic to help you determine which glove size is indeed the most suitable for your personal use.

Choose the best fit for your hands using the graphic:



Our products cover a number of quality standards and are constantly optimized, in order to deliver the best personal protection equipment to our customers. See all specifications of the PPS Manufacturing nitrile gloves.

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